Audio intercom devices

The company TELECOM Ltd. was founded in 1998. in Varna, Bulgaria with main activity in the field of computing equipment.

The company is a manufacturer of audio intercom systems :

- Audio intercom devices:
- series NTE – entirely designed, developed and manufactured by TELECOM. The article is injection mold using a high quality ABS plastic of Bayer.
- series OTE – syringed and produced by TELECOM. The article is injection mold using a high quality ABS plastic of Bayer.
- Entrance panels:
- series NTE - made of aluminum profile;
- Intercom Systems;
- Access control.

The intercom systems we manufacture feature high quality of materials and workmanship , modern design and low prices.

We have our own tool workshop equipped with machinery and equipment for design and manufacturing of tooling – syringe shapes /molds/, as well as for injection molding of plastic products.
Many of the molds designed and manufactured by us are intended for purposes of our production and supply.

After instructions, sketches or drawings of the clients, we produce tooling for various plastic products. If the client does not have the documentation and samples, we can offer a complete 3D visualization of the device, to design and prepare technical documents for the creation of tooling. The process continues with CNC programming and machining, fabrication of electrodes, CNC volumetric erosion, thread erosion, polishing, assembly, testing, pilot series and production.
Then, on client's request, we inject into a mold the device and so he gets one a completed product.

We are not a big, but are a highly qualified team, which aims to provide quality and professional service to every customer at extremely competitive prices and conditions. We rely on individual and flexible approach to each client, according to its specific needs and affordability.

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Audio intercom devices
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